Hot Beds out in the cold

Jack First with onions croppedThe ancient method of growing vegetables in hot beds, used by the Victorians and by the Romans, harnesses the natural process of decay to cultivate out-of-season crops.

Jack First is the UK expert on hot beds. If anyone can persuade a vegetable to be ready for harvesting two months early, he can. Sometimes this involves hard work in freezing conditions. Here are some photos taken on 13th February at his ‘hot’ beds in Keighley, Yorkshire.

Jack’s book Hot Beds is available from the Green Books website, RRP £9.95 pb.

Jack says ‘these photos include planting potatoes while snowing. They also show hot beds outside and in polytunnels. We are struggling a bit here, with only one day suitable for opening the frames.’





Hot beds cover (LR)

“Jack is a fount of knowledge and the expert on hot beds. When I visited his allotment and saw how advanced and healthy his crops were, it proved to me that these old systems still work a treat and are just as relevant now – if not more so – than they ever were.” – Joe Swift, garden designer and TV presenter

Hot Beds by Jack First is published by Green Books, £9.95 pb. See more information and order your copy here…

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