One Magic Square

Such a lovely and enthusiastic review – it always makes us happy to see people enjoying our books!

Backlane Notebook

‘Produce locally what is consumed locally’.

E.F. Schumacher


This inspiring book sets out to encourage everyone to start growing produce even if it’s the first time you have ever considered doing so and in whatever limited space there is available. And however overgrown your garden Lolo Houbein says you should be able to find one square metre to weed, plant and keep tidy before moving on to a block of two or three or even four as your enthusiasm grows. Limiting the beds to one square metre is an excellent way to ensure that the preparation is manageable both in time and effort and it will certainly reduce the mystery and challenge for first time growers.

Plots are graded from the easiest and most robust to the complex and tender and Part One starts with various salad plots since salad crops are relatively easy to grow. Lettuce leaves can be picked for…

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