5 reasons why you should grow nuts in your garden

  1. Eating nuts helps you live longer. Nuts contain precious minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Eating nuts regularly is associated with lower death rates and a lower risk of diabetes. For vegetarians and vegans, nuts are a valuable source of protein and a super healthy source of whole-food fats.nuts-1620814_1920
  2.  Nuts are easy to grow. You only have to plant a nut tree once, and after that you just need to harvest your crop. Weeds are usually not a problem, and neither are weather conditions: nut-trees can tolerate droughts and short floods.garden-1176406_1920
  3. They’re beautiful trees. Many nut trees are grown simply for ornamental value: think of the gingko or the monkey puzzle tree.gingko-tree-610016_1920
  4. They’re good for the environment. Nut trees mostly don’t require soil cultivation, which means that planting them does not damage the soil structure. Nut trees also have strong root systems, which means they work against soil erosion. In short, nut trees are a perfect crop to keep the earth happy.drought-780088_1920
  5. They’re incredibly tasty!  It seems we’ve gone nuts about almonds, salting them, roasting them, making them into curries and burgers. And on a September morning, foragers can be seen out and about, knocking the walnuts out of the trees, ready to make delicious walnut balls and pasta sauces with the harvest. Hazelnuts lend themselves to specialties like Linzertorte and muesli and even liqueurs!nut-cake

To learn how to grow nuts in your garden, have a look at Martin Crawford’s unique guide to nut growing:  How to Grow Your Own Nuts



Martins Cover 10.2.16.indd

Cover image: by Joanna Brown ©

Images in article: Pixabay.com and unsplash.com

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