7 ways to save energy in your home

We all know we should turn the lights off when we’re out, but what else can we do?

  1. Vacuum the dust off the coils behind your fridge (unplug it first) to make it work more efficiently.full-fridge-1729681_1920
  2. Descale the kettle to lengthen its life and reduce the electricity needed to make your favourite cup of tea.electric-kettle-1644823_1920
  3. Don’t put the oven on until you start food prep – it doesn’t need half an hour to get to temperature. You can turn it off five minutes or so before the food is done – it will finish the cooking if you leave the door shut.kitchen-930781_1920
  4. Wash full loads only and run the dishwasher when full.dishwasher-449158_1920
  5. Save the tumble dryer for emergencies. An outside clothes line or indoor clothes horse is the way forward 90% of the time.laundry-963150_1920
  6. Choose your activities carefully. Do you really have to drive to that yoga class 12 miles away? Wouldn’t the one that is walking distance do a similar job?driver-1149997_1920
  7. Think about which activities don’t require electricity and which do (for example, reading on a tablet versus reading a book, watching television versus playing a board game).book-1291164_1280

The article is based on Katie Blincoe’s The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting . All images come from Pixabay.

book cover

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