Meet the pioneers of natural babycare

Samantha Quinn and Holly Daffurn know all about dealing with morning sickness while getting the kids to school and working full time. They are two ordinary mums, wanting what’s best for their children. Yet their knowledge of natural babycare is something quite unique.

Samantha Quinn’s first child was premature and was immediately transferred into the specialist baby care unit. It was here that a nurse introduced Sam to baby massage, which helps stabilize a baby’s breathing and heart rate. Natural baby care was so beneficial for her child, that it inspired Sam to make it the focus of her life, creating an award-winning babycare company.
Holly Daffurn found the active childbirth of her first baby to be the most exhilarating experience of her life. For her, as well as for Sam, the birth of her first child was a source of inspiration. All her life she had been enthusiastic about natural remedies, aromatherapy and yoga and now she put her knowledge into practice in natural pregnancy care and babycare as a teacher and writer.














These two inspired and inspiring women not only run businesses based on natural babycare, they have also written a book entitled The Natural Baby, which draws on all of their experience and knowledge of holistic pregnancy and postnatal care.



The book includes:
  • Recipes for massage oils, tips for safe aromatherapy and yoga exercises to keep mums-to-be fit for the big day.
  • Ideas on how to prepare for a home birth and how to make a hospital birth feel more like home
  • First-hand experience of hypnobirthing, waterbirthing and writing birth plans.
  • Advice on choosing a birth partner or doula
  • Helpful guidance on breastfeeding, weaning and cooking for both parent and baby, once the little one is born
  • Recipes that explain exactly what nutrients are needed for oneself and one’s child
  • The ‘Natural Dads’ section ensures that no-one is left out, so both parents can spend plenty of time bonding with their baby
  • Recipes for homemade soap and nappy rash cream that are both effective and safe for the baby’s skin.
Natural babycare and holistic parenting are about making the best choices one can without getting hung up on what one can’t manage. Aiming for perfection is a mistake. The tone of their book is always gentle and informative, because parents always want what’s best for their child, and should do whatever they feel works – as long as they are making informed choices. Be it breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, home birth or hospital birth, reusable nappies or disposables, parents are informed about all their options and encouraged to feel satisfied with the choices they make. In order to take care of a child, the parents need to first take care of themselves – and Sam and Holly have natural beauty recipes and short mindfulness meditations to keep parents relaxed and positive.

Based on both experience and expertise, The Natural Baby is a warm and supportive guide to the joys of pregnancy and parenthood.

The Natural Baby is every parent’s best friend.


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The Natural Baby

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