Leaf Prints- the perfect outdoor activity for spring and summer


IMG_4828=detailLeaf printing is the perfect family activity for spring and summer– when the leaves are fresh and full of moisture.  It teaches kids and adults alike to recognize leaves and their patterns. Leaf prints also foster your creative spirit!

What you need:

  • calico or cotton
  • scissors
  • a hard flat surface ( a tree stump or a chopping board will do)
  • a hammer, a mallet or a rounded stick
  • common, abundant plants WARNING: avoid poisonous species!


  1. Cut some calico or a white cotton sheet to the desired size. scissor-1794088_1920
  2. Find a hard surface that is safe to dent- a tree stump works wellstump-879652_1920
  3. Gather some fresh leaves and flowers. (Make sure that they are neither endangered nor poisonous)Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
  4. Fold the blank half of the cotton or calico over to sandwich the leaves and flowers inside.IMG_5130=detail
  5. Use a hammer to repeatedly hit the cloth all over. As you do so, a beautiful pattern will emerge.IMG_4837=web-ready
  6. Open out the cloth and remove excess plant material- and admire your lovely leaf print!IMG_4916=detail


To find more outdoor activities for the children, have a look at Marina Robb, Victoria Mew and Anna Richardson’s Learning with Nature.

learning with nature

Image credits: All images come from Learning with Nature apart from images 1 and 2, which are from pixabay.com


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