5 reasons why cycling to work is a great choice

5. Cycling keeps you healthy

Regular cyclists add over two years to their life expectancy and are 50% less likely to experience depression. It keeps you slim and fit: just an hour of cycling at a moderate pace burns 400 calories. cycling-148956_1280


4. Cycling means a less polluted journey

Research shows that car occupants are exposed to 2-3 times the level of pollution of cyclists. This is because your car’s ventilation system sucks in the toxic emissions from the exhaust of the vehicle in front.




3. Cycling saves you money

The costs of running a car or buying a season ticket are enough to make anyone’s eyes water. Invest in a bike once, and your transport is free for the next few years.



2. Cycling is quicker and offers more flexibility

Neither train delays nor traffic jams affect you when you’re cycling. You can leave home knowing exactly when you will arrive at your destination.


  1. Cycling is fun!

Remember how much fun kids have when they first learn how to cycle? You can have just as much fun cycling when you grow up. Just give it a go!


For more tips on how to start cycling to work, check out Rory McMullan’s guide Cycling to Work


Image credits: pixabay.com

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