Top tips for growing your own flowers

Ever thought about growing your own flowers? Maybe even for your wedding?

Georgie Newbery’s “Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers” is a beautifully designed handbook, teaching you everything you need to know to get started in your own garden.

Here are Georgie’s top growing tips

1. Always water trays of seedlings from underneath, to avoid damping off.

2. Sow the same mix of flowers two or three times over 3-week intervals: that way you won’t be caught out by unexpectedly hot or cold weather, bringing your flowers to bloom too early or too late.

3. Plant out or thin your seedlings to 22cm apart, so the roots won’t fight for nutrients or moisture.

4. Feed your plants with a nitrogen-rich feed until midsummer, and a potassium-rich feed thereafter. You can make your own plant-feeding teas, or use a very weak seaweed solution for a good all-round fortnightly feed.

5. Water well, but not too often. Water in plants really well when planting them out and once a week after that, but not more than that. Plants that are watered too often have very shallow roots, which not only means they will suffer in a dry period, but also that they will struggle to stay upright in strong winds.

Find many more tips and tricks in Georgie’s book:

  • flowers for every season
  • the perfect schedule to grow and cut your flowers in time
  • how to create stunning bouquets

Buy at all good bookstores or on our website.


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