Have some time on your hands? Get into the garden!

We are all finding ourselves in an uncertain, scary moment in time. The world as we know it has changed. Maybe we are working from home or had to stop working for the time being, we are spending less time with loved ones and keeping life simple. Although this is hard, this is also an incredible opportunity. A chance to go inward, to come back to nature, read more books and start or restart a hobby that has been left aside for far too long.

Gardening is a wonderful activity that keeps you fit, gets you out into the fresh air and lets you reconnect with the earth. You can plant vegetables, herbs and plants in pots on your balcony, doorstep or windowsill or any other outdoor space.

These are our top gardening books that will help you along the way. Over the next few weeks we will give you some valuable tips from these books here on the blog.

All our books are available online through Blackwell’s and Waterstones and as eBooks from Amazon, Kobo and Overdrive. Before the lockdown, we also started to make the eBooks available to the registered blind through RNIB and some may already be available.

1. Organic Gardening – Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding shares the wealth of his experience, explaining his approach to soil and plants and revealing the range of techniques that have enabled him to grow healthy and vibrant crops for decades.

2. Creating a Forest Garden – Martin Crawford

Forest Gardening or Agroforestry is a way of growing edible crops with nature doing most of the work. This book helps you to create your own forest garden with beautiful illustrations and helpful tips throughout.

3. The Fruit Tree Handbook – Ben Pike

A clear, practical guide for both amateur and expert, explaining all you need to know to grow delicious fruit – from designing your orchard and planting your trees to harvesting.

4. Salad Leaves for all Seasons – Charles Dowding

Known as the guru of no-dig, Charles Dowding shows how to grow salad all year round in a garden, balcony or windowsill in this beautifully illustrated hardback.

5. How to Grow Perennial Vegetables – Martin Crawford

Perennial vegetables are a joy to grow. With a long harvesting season, they are the clever way to garden and take care of the soil at the same time.

6. How to Create a new Vegetable Garden – Charles Dowding

A practical book to take you through the stages of creating a new vegetable garden from scratch – using any plot of land.

Stay tuned for our blog posts about the individual books and until then have a look at our other gardening books, too!

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