Tend to the mind, body and soul

Take some time to nourish your inner self and imagination with our Mind, Body and Soul books. Our selection of inspiring books will take you on journeys of pilgrimage, spirituality, eco-activism and connection to the land.

Illustration: Ruth Evans from “The Garden Awakening”

All our books are available online through Blackwell’s and Waterstones and as eBooks from Amazon, Kobo and Overdrive. Before the lockdown, we also started to make the eBooks available to the registered blind through RNIB and some may already be available.

1. The Garden Awakening – Mary Reynolds

Learn how to design and nurture a beautiful space. Bring the energy of wild places into your garden while incorporating sustainable living and growing your own food.

2. No Destination – Satish Kumar

Written with a penetrating simplicity, No Destination is an exhilarating account of an extraordinary life. When he was only nine years old, Satish Kumar renounced the world and joined the wandering brotherhood of Jain monks. Dissuaded from this path by an inner voice at the age of eighteen, he became a campaigner for land reform, working to turn Gandhi’s vision of a renewed India into reality.

3. Timeless Simplicity – John Lane

This is a book about having less and enjoying more; enjoying time to do the work you love, to spend with your family, to pursue creative projects, for good eating and to just be.

4. Animate Earth – Stephan Harding

This book argues that we need to establish a relationship with the planet as a living entity in which we are indissolubly embedded – and to which we are all accountable.

5. Wild Law – Cormac Cullinan

Wild Law fuses politics, legal theory, quantum physics and ancient wisdom into a fascinating story. It has been seminal in informing and inspiring the global movement to recognise rights for Nature.

6. Spiritual Activism – Alastair McIntosh

This book provides a clear look at spiritual activism and the ways it can help us to be better activists, better leaders, and more comfortable with our own spirituality.

7. Earth Pilgrim – Satish Kumar

The book takes the form of conversations between Satish and others about the inner and outer aspects of pilgrimage: “To be a pilgrim is to be on a path of adventure, to move out of our comfort zones, to let go of our prejudices and preconditioning, to make strides towards the unknown.”

Stay tuned for our blog posts about the individual books!


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