Our Top Mind, Body, Soul Books: “The Garden Awakening” by Mary Reynolds

“The Garden Awakening. Designs to Nurture our Land and Ourselves”


Connecting to nature

“Everything becomes simple when you immerse yourself in nature. Life’s complications melt away, leaving only the truth of the present moment. In this place we can see ourselves reflected in every living thing, every gust of wind, every splash of rain, and here we can find peace. This is our true home.” – Mary Reynolds

Garden design and the connection to the land

Full of valuable tips and plans for you to get started designing your own garden, The Garden Awakening is so much more than a garden design book. Gardens tend to be controlled by their owners, often with the use of chemicals. Having worked as a garden designer for many years, Mary learned that she had to find a way to work with the land and to incorporate nature’s will into her designs. The book re-establishes this connection between gardens and nature. Mary shows that nature starts to interact with us on an energetic, emotional and physical level, when we let it. Using the concepts of ancient spirituality and forest gardening, her approach is unique, powerful and sustainable.

The Five Elements for Designing Gardens in Partnership with Nature

Mary distinguishes five elements that guide you on your way to design your garden in partnership with nature. They are:

1. The tool of intention

2. Selecting areas to hold specific intentions

3. Designing with the patterns and shapes of nature

4. The power of symbols and imagery

5. Putting your design on paper

The Garden Awakening describes these elements in detail, explaining the importance of communicating with the land; selecting areas for rituals within your garden (like a wishing place); introducing shapes of nature into your garden – circles, spirals and symbols; and lastly, putting your design on paper.


Learn how to connect with the land and grow a beautiful, nourishing garden with Mary Reynold’s “The Garden Awakening”. You can get the ebook here.

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