Test your knowledge of mushrooms!

Test your knowledge of mushrooms!

1. What are fungi?
Another species
Correct. Fungi make up their own kingdom of life.
Wrong. Fungi share certain characteristics with animals, but are another species altogether.
Wrong. Though fungi share certain characteristics with plants, they are a species all of their own.
2. Fungi are the source of antibiotics. True or false?
Wrong. Lots of antibiotics are produced by fungi.
3. On this list, where are mushrooms NOT able to grow?
Straw bales
Wrong, fungi can grow here…
Wrong, fungi can grow here…
Indoor greenhouses
Wrong, fungi can grow here…
Wrong, fungi can grow here…
Plastic bags
Wrong, fungi can grow here…
Mushrooms are versatile colonizers. They can grow on all of these.
Correct, mushrooms can grow in all of these places.

Keen to learn more about mushrooms?

Check out Folko Kullmann’s Grow Your Own Mushrooms – How to Choose, Grow and Cook Them.

Grow delicious edible mushrooms indoors or outdoors, in your garden or on your balcony, and enjoy them fresh throughout the year. This practical book explains how to grow fungi, with easy-to-understand instructions.

This fascinating book takes Grow Your Own to a whole new level. Straightforward, interesting and rather fun, it is packed with possibilities and opens up fresh landscapes of taste to the home gardener.

Naomi Slade – gardening author & journalist

I have wanted to grow my own mushrooms for ages but didn’t know enough to try. This book with its clear instructions and great photos has inspired me to give it a go.

Sally Morgan – author, editor of Organic Farming Magazine

An interesting, informative and inspiring read, everything you want to know.

Bob Flowerdew – author, BBC Radio & TV gardener

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