Earth Day Quiz

Test your eco-knowledge in honour of Earth Day 2021.

1. What is a forest garden?
A garden that imitates young natural woodland, with crops grown in vertical layers.
A garden in the middle of a forest.
A garden with miniature trees that resembles a mini forest.

Check out Martin Crawford’s “Creating a Forest Garden”.

2. What are the benefits of building with straw?
Straw stores carbon.
Correct! And more…
Straw is a great thermal insulator.
Correct! And more…
All of these answer options.
Correct! Building with straw has lots of benefits.
It is affordable and easy to build with.
Correct! And more…

Check out Barbara Jones’ “Building with Straw Bales” to get ideas.

Which mushrooms are usually grown with peat?
Oyster mushrooms
Beech mushrooms
Button mushrooms
Correct. Shop-bought button mushrooms are often grown with peat.

Grow your own organic mushrooms with Folko Kullmann’s “Grow Your Own Mushrooms”.

Not digging your veg patch means:
Carbon remains sequestered.
Correct, and more…
Mycorrhizal fungi networks, essential for healthy roots, are undamaged.
Correct, and more…
Soil fertility is enhanced.
Correct, and more…
All of the answer options are correct.
Moisture is not lost by turning the soil
Correct, and more…

Start your no-dig gardening journey with Charles Dowding’s “Organic Gardening”.

Which are the main countries exporting cut flowers? (multiple choice)
Correct, the Netherlands are the biggest cut flower (re-)exporter. In the UK, 80% of cut flowers come via the Netherlands.
Wrong, Argentina is not a main flower exporter.
Correct, Colombia is a large exporter.
Correct, Kenya is one of the biggest exporters, supplying 1/3 of the total EU market, mainly roses.
Correct, Ethiopia is a large exporter, so many of the flowers you can buy in the supermarket have travelled thousands of miles.

Reduce your blooms’ air miles and grow your own organic flowers with Georgie Newbery’s The Flower Farmer’s Year.

See our full range of gardening and eco-books here and check out Earth Day here.

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